Pendulum Dowsing & You Were Born To Dowse - Dean Fraser (2021)

Pendulum Dowsing & You Were Born To Dowse - Dean Fraser (2021)


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ENCHANTED MAGAZINE - Born To Dowse is nothing short of awesome! For any person beginner to advanced, this book is there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path and knowledge without having to shell out hundreds for a psychic for a reading. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken!

Here we meet experienced dowsers using their pendulums to find lost objects, deal with geopathic stress and heal relationships. There are also stories of those seeking dowser's help to deal with metaphysical issues in their lives. These stories, together with the exercises included in this book are intended to stretch the reader’s own dowsing abilities, showing yet again how just a simple pendulum can completely transform lives and enlighten our inner knowing. 65 pages.