Healing The Feeling Pocketbook - Dean Fraser (2015)

Healing The Feeling Pocketbook - Dean Fraser (2015)


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Constantly push back the boundaries of what we are capable of is a magnificent way to live. Improving ourselves each day in however small a way, refining how we function within our living and working environment. These tiny adjustments every day are outstandingly self-motivating and will send your self-esteem skyrocketing through the roof once the results begin to show up for you.

The results we achieve long-term depends a lot on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves when events do not go quite according to plan or when presented with challenges in life. Our goals need to stretch us to ask more of ourselves or else we stay-put exactly where we are. This book will help free you to leave behind any limiting mindsets moving forward into the life of your choice. 142 pages.