I am a great believer in the healing and restorative power of using the right words. The Spark of Understanding see me playing all the instruments and sonic vocal chants. This album is multi-layered, for on the one hand here we have ambient music anyone can enjoy, yet listen deeper to the lyrics to discover the are life-truths speaking directly to our hearts and souls.

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The Spark of Understanding MP3 Music Album

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I became inspired to explore the meaning of life. Why we are here on this beautiful planet at this time. Suitably motivated I sought to create a unique musical experience and which manifested as my album The Spark of Understanding.

Playing all the instruments together with layered vocal over-chanting and combined with my most holistic and spiritual poems. I feel incredibly grateful to own my own recording studio, which enabled me to realise my dream of sharing the unique sonic experience that is The Spark of Understanding. Published 2021