I am a great believer in the healing and restorative power of using the right words. Playing all the instruments together with layered vocal over-chanting together combined with my most holistic and spiritual poems. I feel incredibly grateful to own my own recording studio, which enabled me to realise my dream of sharing the unique sonic experience that is A HEALING FOR GAIA and THE SPARK OF UNDERSTANDING.

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A Healing For Gaia MP3 Music Album

1 hour 4 mins £5.59 or $7.30

Dean Fraser became lovingly inspired to explore the meaning of life and why we are here on this beautiful planet at this time. To achieve this he took as a starting point inspiration music, embodying the spirit of those paradigm shifting ambient concept albums created by the more esoterically inclined artists and bands over the decades. Dean plays all the instruments on the music version of A Healing For Gaia. Far transcending poetry here is a journey of inner discovery where you might just find you meet yourself. Published 2018

The Spark of Understanding MP3 Music Album

1 hour 13 mins £5.59 or $7.30

These poems speak of peace and love as central to our existence. And cherishing this home we all share, our amazing planet. As a long-time advocate of the power of words to shape our destiny, our reality, Dean feels his role as a poet is to mainly get out of his own way and allow the words to flow through him from his higher self or source. These non-denominational spiritual poems touch something deep within our souls. Published 2021