I began my quest to learn more about human potential over three decades ago. Taking a year out from my then corporate life, I read hundreds of books, travelled to ancient sacred sites and networked with fellow seekers of wisdom from around the world. My quest to know more still continuess to this day. I can say in all honesty the day I think I have reached the end of my learning is the day I will immediately move to a small isolated island with no means of outside communication, then I won't be tempted to share my folly with others.

About Pocketbooks

Originally conceived for the people with busy lifestyles who want to catch a little reading during their day. Pocketbooks can easily be stored in the smallest bag or even in a pocket.

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POCKETBOOK - CHOOSING HAPPINESS & WELLBEING (2021) Paperback or Kindle 152 pages £5.99 or $6.99

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Can we remain happy yet still deal with all the slings and arrows life may throw at us? Is there some great secret to living a happier life? If you feel you deserve to engage with life to the full and enjoy every single day this book offers easy new modalities we can all easily adopt into our lives. Happiness is our natural state, which is long overdue for all of us to collectively reclaim as our own. The author offers you a personal map to happiness and wellbeing – and all you need to do is make the decision to follow it.

POCKETBOOK - KARMA IS QUANTUM ENERGY (2015) Paperback or Kindle 158 pages £5.99 or $6.99

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Far more than only a manual on balancing your karma. This extraordinary little book explains exactly how to intentionally design your own future! With the power of love central to anything we wish to achieve in life, we become conscious creators of our own destiny. To truly live with balanced karma is always taking the ethical and greener options to success in life. The author shows how finding your inner centre, through living in harmony with your authentic self, leads naturally on to ways of achieving financial freedom through working within your labour of love.

POCKETBOOK - HEALING THE FEELING & CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT (2015) Paperback or Kindle 142 pages £5.99 or $6.99

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Constantly push back the boundaries of what we are capable of is a magnificent way to live. Improving ourselves each day in however small a way, refining how we function within our living and working environment. These tiny adjustments every day are outstandingly self-motivating and will send your self-esteem skyrocketing through the roof once the results begin to show up for you. Using your past as a school for learning to moce forward wiser and in peace.