I began my quest to learn more about human potential over three decades ago. Taking a year out from my then corporate life, I read hundreds of books, travelled to ancient sacred sites and networked with fellow seekers of wisdom from around the world. My quest to know more still continuess to this day. I can say in all honesty the day I think I have reached the end of my learning is the day I will immediately move to a small isolated island with no means of outside communication, then I won't be tempted to share my folly with others. I am probably best known for my writing on dowsing over the years, and having now shown over ten thousand people how to dowse, I still find myself in awe of the mysteries of dowsing.

"Over the last three decades, Dean has become one of the world’s leading advocates of dowsing as a means of connecting to our own intuition and is also a passionate teacher of meditation and holistic lifestyles" PSYCHIC NEWS

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THE COMPLETE UNLOCK YOUR LIFE WITH PENDULUM DOWSING (2022) Paperback or Kindle 209 pages £7.99 or $8.99

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This Anthology brings together in one set of covers all four of the dowsing books from the my #1 best-selling series. Anyone Can Dowse offers an introduction to dowsing. Spiritual Healing sees the me sharing real cases and for the first time describing exactly how to spiritual heal. Crystal In Your Life tells of how to use these beautiful gifts from the mineral world for health and wellbeing. And finally You Were Born To Dowse is based on a dowsing course I wrote, here I share direct experiences from those I have helped over the decades and will for sure take your dowsing to a game-changing different level.

WORKING WITH CRYSTAL ENERGY - 21st Anniversary Edition (2022) Paperback or Kindle 82 pages £4.99 or $5.99

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If we are choosing a crystal and feel drawn to a particular one, this is because it is either in harmony with our own energy vibration or perhaps it has some essential qualities within its energy that will benefit us in some way, to raise our vibrations. Crystal healers work with this energy by feeling what an individual requires in terms of re-balancing or emotional healing; and then choosing a crystal or crystals that will help that person to heal themselves and re-achieve harmony within their emotional and physical bodies. And now, so can you!


Paperback or Kindle 65 pages £3.99 or $5.99

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ENCHANTED MAGAZINE - Born To Dowse is nothing short of awesome! For any person beginner to advanced, this book is there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path and knowledge without having to shell out hundreds for a psychic for a reading. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken!

Here we meet experienced dowsers using their pendulums to find lost objects, deal with geopathic stress and heal relationships. There are also stories of those seeking dowser's help to deal with metaphysical issues in their lives. These stories, together with the exercises included in this book are intended to stretch the reader’s own dowsing abilities, showing yet again how just a simple pendulum can completely transform lives and enlighten our inner knowing.

UNLOCK YOUR LIFE WITH PENDULUM DOWSING - CRYSTALS IN YOUR LIFE (2019) Paperback or Kindle 66 pages £3.99 or $5.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 1 hour 1 min £5.59 or $7.30

Dowsing is amazingly useful when choosing which crystal is right for you! if you feel drawn to a particular crystal, then this can then be confirmed through dowsing that it is one you need in your life. You can acquire a crystal because it will be either in harmony with your personal energy vibration or else it possesses some essential qualities within its energy that will benefit you in some way. If your wish is to heal yourself (or indeed others) or simply want some crystal energized interior design pieces, in fact whatever your motivation for bringing crystals into your life, they will always be adding layers to the beauty to your life experience. This book includes a directory of crystals and so many practical ways to integrate crystal healing energy into your everyday lifestyle.

UNLOCK YOUR LIFE WITH PENDULUM DOWSING - SPIRITUAL HEALING (2019) Paperback or Kindle 64 pages £3.99 or $5.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 56 mins £5.59 or $7.30

Although dowsing with a pendulum can be used in countless applications to provide quick responses to more or less any question asked of it, it really lends itself particularly well to spiritual healing.

Here you have a fascinating journey into spiritual healing directly for yourself or others. Covers amongst other things clearing headaches, pain, distant healing, emotional blockages, injuries and stress. Our mind is an immensely powerful tool and we all possesses infinite capabilities to heal…we simply need reminding how and then we can grow into our full potential. From an author with decades of direct personal experience in both dowsing and with spiritual healing, who in this book reveals for the first time the secret to how he heals for others.

UNLOCK YOUR LIFE WITH PENDULUM DOWSING - ANYONE CAN DOWSE (2016) Paperback or Kindle 62 pages £3.99 or $5.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 51 mins £3.23 or $4.74

Discover how you can use a pendulum for among other things, positive health, testing food and drink, finding lost articles, psychic development, discovering where to go on holiday or the perfect location to live, gold or mineral prospecting, to answer virtually any question or unravel the truth. Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable insights on how and when to use a pendulum - inspirational and truly original guide to dowsing for pretty much anything! If you thought dowsing was just for finding water, read on to enrich your life. Dowsing is amazing, enlightening, sometimes frustrating because it does have a habit of not always giving you the answer you hoped for, and occasionally even downright spooky when an illogical insight gained suddenly manifests in life in a very unexpected way. Stocked by The American Society of Dowsers.