Dean is probably best known for his series of Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing books. Dowsing is the first subject he wrote about in 1998 and having since introduced over ten thousand people to dowsing he still remains as passionate as ever about sharing his knowledge on this enigma.

ENCHANTED MAGAZINE reviewed YOU WERE BORN TO DOWSE - Nothing short of awesome! For any person beginner to advanced this book is there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path and knowledge without having to shell out hundreds for a psychic for a reading. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken!

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ENCHANTED MAGAZINE - "Born To Dowse is nothing short of awesome! For any person beginner to advanced this book is there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path and knowledge without having to shell out hundreds for a psychic for a reading. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken!"

Here we meet experienced dowsers using their pendulums to find lost objects, water and heal relationships. We also read of those seeking dowser's help to deal with metaphysical issues in their lives. These stories, together with the included exercises intend to stretch the reader’s own dowsing abilities, showing yet again how just a simple pendulum can completely transform lives.

Paperback 62 pages £3.99 or $5.99

Although dowsing with a pendulum can be used in countless applications to provide quick responses to more or less any question asked of it, it in fact lends itself particularly well to spiritual healing.

Here you have a fascinating journey into spiritual healing directly for yourself or others. Covers amongst other things clearing headaches, pain, distant healing, emotional blockages, injuries and stress. Our mind is an immensely powerful tool and we all possesses infinite capabilities to heal…we simply need reminding how and then we can grow into our full potential. From an author with decades of direct personal experience in both dowsing and with spiritual healing.

Paperback 64 pages £3.99 or $5.99

Audiobook 56 mins £3.69 or $4.15

Discover how you can use a pendulum for among other things, positive health, testing food and drink, finding lost articles, psychic development, discovering where to go on holiday or the perfect location to live, gold or mineral prospecting, to answer virtually any question or unravel the truth. Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable insights on how and when to use a pendulum - inspirational and truly original guide to dowsing for pretty much anything! If you thought dowsing was just for finding water, read on and enrich your life. Dowsing is amazing, enlightening, sometimes frustrating because it does have a habit of not always giving you the answer you hoped for, and occasionally even downright spooky when an illogical insight gained suddenly manifests in life in a very unexpected way

Paperback 62 pages £3.99 or $5.99

Audiobook 51 mins UK £3.69 or US $4.74

Stress is everywhere around us in the 21st Century and is the number one cause of mental health issues. This book shows how taking on easily adopted often the smallest changes in lifestyle and mindset can dramatically reduce any likelihood of us ever becoming dangerously stressed…being in charge of our own responses to stressful situations rather than these events triggering us. Recognising the difference between temporary short-term stress and the way more harmful slow-burn stress. Identifying that you may be suffering from slow-burn stress and what to do next. Learn the Two-Minute De-Stress for fast relief from any triggering situation and how you can use this effective exercise anytime you need. 100% Naturally Stress Free is based directly on the game-changing methods Dean Fraser teaches in his acclaimed 100% stress free workshops, and now made available to all those who are unable to personally attend one of his events.

Paperback 138 pages £3.99 or $4.99

Audiobook 1 hr 8 mins £5.59 or $8.34

Bring the magic of gems and crystals into your life right now:

Learn about the energy to be found in crystals and gems; How to chakr

a heal and using quartz crystals in healing; Back pain and crystals; Amethyst for health and wellbeing; Which crystals to use in your home for protection, relaxation, energising or cleansing negativity.

Full listing detailing the healing properties of crystals and precious gems. Which gems or crystals to wear or carry for optimum health. Stress-relief with crystals and helping with insomnia.

The author ran a crystal wholesale business for fifteen years, he now gives talks and runs workshops sharing his love of these gifts from the mineral world. Dean Fraser wrote a course on Crystal Healing for a well-known university in the Midlands area of England.

Paperback 86 pages £3.99 or $4.99

The Magic Of Authentic Living offers practical ways to simply and completely transform any area of your life that you feel sits uncomfortably with you. Happiness is our birthright and here we have clearly laid out how to attain this elusive dream once and for all, to live happy regardless of whatever curve balls we encounter. Love is the most powerful force for healing, wellbeing and living authentically; the author gives us the recipe for self-love and self-acceptance. Actively good health and holistic living are easier than you might imagine; and with small changes in lifestyle and habits they can be yours. Working each day doing something you would sincerely love to do might seem like a fairy tale; make it your reality with the remarkably common-sense exercises you will learn in this book and finally live authentically!

Paperback 306 pages £8.99 or $11.99

Audiobook 5 hrs 37 mins £16.00 or $20.95