In my Bookshop I present for your discernment and enjoyment the full collection of my poetry books.

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THE LANCASHIRE POEMS (2013) Paperback or Kindle 68 pages £5.00 or $6.00

MP3 Audiobook edition 51 mins £3.23 or $4.15

A journey through the diversity of The Red Rose County. Visiting the towns and countryside, exploring its rich industrial heritage, but really above all telling stories of people! Characters intrinsically connected to the history of Lancashire, many of whom never before got to have their stories told and now poignantly brought to life once more through the power of poetry. Dean Fraser wrote this collection for all those who share his love of the Red Rose County. The Lancashire Poems is officially stocked by Lancashire Museums.

THE MERSEYSIDE POEMS (2020) Paperback or Kindle 69 pages £5.00 or $6.00

MP3 Audiobook edition 53 mins £3.23 or $4.15

This has been called my most unusual collection of poetry. Poignant, observing life as only a poet can and quite frequently laugh out loud amusing. I tells human stories and this collection concludes with a film noir influenced short-story. I needed to be persuaded to share these poems with the world, I felt they were perhaps too bizarre for many tastes; we can conclude I was for sure wrong on that one! This book is special in to me so many ways. In fact the only mystery remains why I kept these poems hidden away for so long!

A HEALING FOR GAIA - CELEBRATING LIFE & LIVING (2018) Paperback or Kindle 89 pages £6.00 or $7.00

MP3 Audiobook edition 1 hour 4 mins £3.23 or $4.15

This is a concept poetry book and music album. May it inspire all of you who really get and feel this music album and book to find higher love within yourselves. To cherish the precious gift of this incarnation and revere the amazing home we all share…Mother Earth. Through a lucid dream I became lovingly inspired to explore the meaning of life and why we are here on this beautiful planet at this time.

Far transcending poetry here is a journey of inner discovery where you might just find you meet yourself.

TRAVELS WITH MY NOTEBOOK & PEN (2017) Paperback or Kindle 78 pages £5.95 or $6.95

MP3 Audiobook edition TBA

Armed only with a notebook & pen I explore New York, London and Edinburgh. Visits literary mecca Stratford-Upon-Avon. Enjoys a thoroughly non-spiritual experience at Avebury Stone Circle. Pay a visit to the tiny traffic-free Channel Island of Sark. Looks for culture at Calais and gets a surprise at Boulogne. Find peace of mind in Scotland. Walk the iconic pier of Southend. Spends a night camping at Heathrow Airport. Explore a thousand-year-old yew tree in Oxfordshire. Look into the history of fashion in Bath. Have an escape in the desert on Tenerife. See the light in Blackpool. Greet Salvador Dali and Picasso. Look for excitement in Amsterdam. Then spend an unforgettable day walking the famous White Cliffs from Dover to Deal and then back again. Enjoy this poetic travelogue and you might just find yourself wanting to walk in my footsteps…