Why The Quantum Poet? This originally came about back in the days of my first solo poetry tour. Back in those days if I was performing somewhere I would visit the local television and radio stations to promote my events, in whichever area my shows happened to be in. Finding myself the honoured guest on a particular radio show, the host proceeded to introduce me as Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet (which certainly got my attention!) and for the next hour that is what he called me. He told me afterwards he had read some of my mindfulness books and felt my poetry had this feelgood factor completely in harmony with my writing ethos of helping others. I liked The Quantum Poet and so I kept the gift of a name he gave me!

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247 POEMS - EVERY POEM AND STORY ANTHOLOGY (2018) paperback or Kindle 363 pages £11.99 or $13.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 5 hours 57 mins £12.07 or $17.94

247 Poems contains literally two hundred and forty-seven poems. Every single poem from 2012 to 2018.

Dean is just magical he takes you on a journey meandering through time, visiting town and country exploring our heritage, exploring our history. This is a wonderful collection of stories, poems, memories full of sentiment, passion and filled with spirituality.

DEAN FRASER says “The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox".

BEYOND POETRY - DELUXE ILLUSTRATED EDITION WITH NINE EXTRA POEMS (2022) Paperback or Kindle 90 pages £6.99 or $7.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 55 mins £3.23 or $4.15

All my poetic life I have dreamt of creating a beautiful poetry collection encompassing all that I love.

Rooted in folklore, myth, the landscape and my often out-of-step way of looking at life in the 21st century. In my mind's eye, I pictured myself taking my time over crafting exquisite stories for sharing in this collection...I had no schedule when I wrote Beyond Poetry and at the time of publishing this for me is my most complete and magical poetry collection to date – Dean Fraser (The Quantum Poet)

THE LANCASHIRE POEMS 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION (2022) Paperback or Kindle 70 pages £5.99 or $6.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 50 mins £3.23 or $4.15

A journey through the diversity of The Red Rose County. Visiting the towns and countryside, exploring its rich industrial heritage, but really above all telling stories of people! Characters intrinsically connected to the history of Lancashire, many of whom never before got to have their stories told and now poignantly brought to life once more through the power of poetry. Dean Fraser wrote this collection for all those who share his love of the Red Rose County. The Lancashire Poems is officially stocked by Lancashire Museums.

POCKETBOOK OF POETRY - WANDERING & WONDERING (2021) Paperback or Kindle 121 pages £3.99 or $4.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 1 hour 17 mins £5.59 or $7.30

This compilation of poems invites you to join the poet as he takes us on walks around the towns and countryside of his native Britain, pondering on his way the meaning of life and why nobody told him earlier you notice so much more at walking pace! You are invited on his poetic journey of discovery as Dean Fraser visits ancient castles. Observes life during a day spent sat on a bench looking out to sea in Dover. Circling the historical city of Chester along its Roman Wall. Journeying along picturesque canals. Sharing two legendary singer's quiet time in a tranquil seaside village. Exploring ancient stone circles upon deserted moors. Following in the footsteps of Charles Dickens to visit Bleak House. Soaking-up the arts in London. Witness the poet erecting a tent in a field. Walk alongside Dean through all these adventures and more.

POCKETBOOK OF POETRY - COME WORK IN OUR FACTORIES (2021) Paperback or Kindle 83 pages £3.99 or $4.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 46 mins £3.23 or $4.15

This compilation of poems is themed around industry and work. We begin three thousand years ago proceeding on and taking us through that time when everything changed, namely the industrial revolution. Finally bringing us right up into the present day and how towards the end of the last century through innovations in technology our working life became transformed once more. Yet above all else this collection see me telling the stories of work through the lives of ordinary people. Those unsung heroes and heroines who never usually get to share their story. Some of these are long lost in the mists of time and through the power of poetry get to have their life story told at long last!

POCKETBOOK OF POETRY - KNOWING WHERE TO LOOK (2021) Paperback or Kindle 114 pages £3.99 or $4.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 1 hour 9 mins £5.59 or $7.30

This compilation of poems is specially tailored for if you adore travelling; and if you do adore to travel you will love this book, as the poet shares enigmatic tales from his own adventures across two continents. Travel doesn’t always go according to plan, and we hear of the misadventures of when the poet found himself stranded in places he would rather not be or visiting places he never imagined he would end up seeing! Taking in locations as diverse as the Museums and Galleries of Manhattan NYC, through to the peaceful tranquillity of the tiny Channel Island of Sark Tales

THE KENT POEMS (2021) Paperback or Kindle 70 pages £5.99 or $6.99

MP3 Audiobook edition tba

You are invited to embark on a journey poetically exploring the beauty and diversity of The Garden of England County. Learn of love being found hop-picking in the 1930’s, explore every part of the White Cliffs and spend a tranquil summer’s day sat on a bench in St Margret’s Bay, visit Martello Towers and Lighthouses, enjoy literary encounters with Christopher Marlow and Charles Dickens, find artistic heroes Vincent Van Gogh and JMW Turner, take lunch in Sandwich, admire civil engineering in Dartford, walk the coastal paths of Kent, feel at home in Bridge, experience Folkestone on the wildest of days and enjoying crossing The Channel in the early 2000’s on the now obsolete Sea Cat. Exploring the rich history, famous or some of the not so famous Kentish sons and daughters, and getting beyond only the tourist spots to feel the deep into the soul of just what makes Kent uniquely Kent!

THE MERSEYSIDE POEMS (2020) Paperback or Kindle 70 pages £5.99 or $6.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 51 mins £3.23 or $4.15

The industrial past. Stories of real people. Arts and culture. History and contemporary life. Merseyside provides almost an embarrassment of riches enough to inspire any poet! Dean Fraser wanted these poetic tales to do justice to the uniqueness of Liverpool and Merseyside. During the writing of this collection his sense of humour was never too far away, Dean feels it must be imprinted within the DNA of the region! All at once poignant, thought provoking and historically accurate stories told through poetry come together to make this collection a compelling read. The Merseyside Poems is officially stocked by Museum of Liverpool.

POCKETBOOK OF POETRY - THE MIND, BODY & SOUL POEMS (2015) Paperback or Kindle 76 pages £3.99 or $4.99

MP3 Audiobook edition 44 mins £3.23 or $4.15

This compilation of poems is healing and uplifting poetry. Transcending exiting as purely only a poetry book, here we are taken on journey to every level of our being through the power of words. These poems touch something deep within us at soul level. Spiritual poetry leaving the world a slightly better place for its loving existence. Dean Fraser says - May your heart chakra be cleansed and your third eye opened through The Mind, Body and Soul Poems, with my deepest blessings and love.