In my Bookshop I present for your enjoyment and discernment the full collection of my current Esoteric Books.

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WORKING WITH CRYSTAL ENERGY (2022) Paperback or Kindle 82 pages £4.99 or $5.99

If we are choosing a crystal and feel drawn to a particular one, this is because it is either in harmony with our own energy vibration or perhaps it has some essential qualities within its energy that will benefit us in some way, to raise our vibrations. Crystal healers work with this energy by feeling what an individual requires in terms of re-balancing or emotional healing; and then choosing a crystal or crystals that will help that person to heal themselves and re-achieve harmony within their emotional and physical bodies. And now, so can you!

THE COMPLETE UNLOCK YOUR LIFE WITH PENDULUM DOWSING (2022) Paperback or Kindle 209 pages £9.95 or $11.95

ENCHANTED MAGAZINE said - "This is nothing short of awesome! For any person - beginner to the advanced this book is there to guide and advise. It allows you to experience your path. A must-read for any person wanting to learn, grow and awaken! This collection offers you everything you need to become an expert dowser for yourself."

I have shown over ten thousand people how to dowse over the last three decades, this book distils all my experience into the one set of covers.

GHOSTS, DEMONS & PSYCHIC HEALING (2021) Paperback or Kindle 176 pages £6.99 or $7.99

Decanus Fragaria is my magical name. This book tells of me discovering I could psychic heal at just two years old. It describes my time growing-up in a seriously haunted house located on a street acting a powerful portal. Then on to my evolvement through my teen years into adulthood as a psychic, paranormal investigator and both hands-on and distant healer. I chronicle over twenty ghostly and demonic cases from my paranormal diaries - you may never view the world in the same way again!