Decanus Fragaria - Paranormal Investigator & Healer

At two years old Decanus witnessed a demonic flying creature attempting to gain entry through the rear window of the family car parked in the driveway, as he sat waiting only seconds for his parents to follow him from the house. With the benefit of adult eyes, he was able to comprehend exactly what had pursued him that day…he escaped, thankfully unscathed. When Decanus was still only three years old, his mum’s mother suffered from a crippling headache, instinctively he placed his hands on her head. Ten minutes later she returned to her favourite pastime and picked up her crossword, all discomfort released. Teenage years were his apprenticeship in all things paranormal. From discovering distant healing, ghosts were not something that scared him, and demonic entities were far from only the preserve of cheap horror novels or in movies. As the decades passed, he went from being a psychic observer to hands-on direct active interaction within the paranormal encounters he now called cases or investigations. He has never advertised. Those in need of his services always find him…


A Paranormal Life - This talk can last an hour or two hours (with an interval). Decanus talks candidly and openly of his wealth of experience in encountering all too real paranormal entities. From his early childhood as he discovered he could sense things most other people couldn't, through to his cases as an adult coming face to face with all manor of otherworldly nasties. In the longer talk he also covers cases from his work as a psychic healer over the years. Informal meeting and greeting after the event, plus a book signing for Ghosts, Demons & Psychic Healing.

To book Decanus to talk at your location or event in the first instance please email and someone will get back to you shortly.

Ghosts, Demons & Psychic Healing Updated & Expanded

Updated and expanded edition of best-selling title which sees the author looking even deeper into cases of demonic entities and exorcising them, on through to cases of both benevolent and malevolent ghosts to be found lurking in apparently perfectly ordinary homes, sat there on equally ordinary suburban streets. There are cases of distant psychic healing, sometimes from thousands of miles away and releasing people from possession or emotional blockages. The new edition also sees our author revisited a location where he first met his powerful paranormal nemesis, to finally conclude the story Abject Terror. Walk alongside Decanus once more into his occult world, but be warned, you may never look at your own safe world in quite the same way again!

Paperback - 152 pages (2021)

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Decanus Fragaria