DEAN FRASER SAYS I began my quest to learn more about human potential over three decades ago. Taking a year out from my then corporate life, I read hundreds of books, travelled to ancient sacred sites and networked with fellow seekers of wisdom from around the world. My quest to know more still continuess to this day. I can say in all honesty the day I think I have reached the end of my learning is the day I will immediately move to a small isolated island with no means of outside communication, then I won't be tempted to share my folly with others. I am probably best known for my writing on dowsing over the years, and having now shown over ten thousand people how to dowse, I still find myself in awe of the mysteries of dowsing.

DECANUS FRAGARIA SAYS I never dreamt of being a paranormal investigator or psychic healer, however, with an inevitability investigating hauntings and also offering psychic healing became my reality. After all this has been practically a part of who I am since I was very small. Ghosts, Demons & Psychic Healing is your personal invitation to walk alongside me into my world, where the weird and bizarre is commonplace...

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