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The author’s quest for metaphysical growth has seen him travel across two continents in search of truth, network with fellow seekers of enlightenment and visit sacred sites to attune with their energies - BODYMINDSOUL.COM


Born a month before the Spring Equinox some years ago, Dean Fraser feels a connection to all of nature beauteous and green.

Dean is known as The Quantum Poet, he is also a public speaker on the healing power of crystals and a prolific writer on the mysteries of dowsing.

He enjoys being out amongst nature rather than in cities. So much for the biography. Dean prefers his energy and actions to speak for themselves.


During the second half of 2022 I am touring all of my Poetry Shows.

The Lancashire Poems Live, The Merseyside Poems Live, The Cheshire Poems Live, and The Cumbria Poems Live being perfomed at venues in those counties.

Beyond Poetry Live at venues throughout Manchester, North Wales, Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

And Come Work In Our Factories which was specifically written to perform in Museums and at Historic Venues.

The shows each last one hour with a meet & greet and book signing afterwards.

For bookings please email


For this talk I get to share the wisdoms of my friends from the mineral world. Around twenty-five years ago, running as I then did The Strawberry Crystal my wholesale crystal business, I was asked to write a course on Crystal Healing for a well-known University in the Midlands area of England. This talk takes the essence of that course, together with the experiences I have gained since and allows me to share one of my great passions, namely crystal healing.

I bring along crystals for my audiences to buy after the event, and copies of my book Working With Crystal Energy.

I encourage questions from my audience during the talk. Events last around one and half hours.

For bookings please email

I give crystal talks and perform poetry at libraries, spiritual centres, museums, private events and as part of holistic health shows.

During the last two years I have written for or been featured in...

Positive Life Magazine, Enchanted Magazine, Living Quietly Magazine, Focus On Health & Wellbeing, Podio, Fountain International, Jam Magazine, Dancing On Magazine, Wildsounds, Northern Life Magazine, Your Spiritual Revolution,, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, More To Life Magazine, Living Now, Creations, Indigo Sun Magazine, Roots of Life, Inner Realm, Mystic Living Today, Conscious Community, Conscious Life News, Oracle 20:20, New Dawn Magazine, Shine Your Lyght, Spirit Guides, Sense of Knowing, New Spirit Journal, In Daily, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, New York Spirit, Dear Enlightened One, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Culturium, Lancashire Life Magazine, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Lancashire Living, Zenasia, In Cheshire Magazine, So Cheshire, Focus Wyre, New York Spirit, Lancaster Canal Trust Magazine, Towpath Topics, Dumfries & Galloway Life, Morris Newsletter, Best of British Magazine, Plant Based Eating, In Daily (Aus), Local People Macclesfield, Settle Online Magazine, Living Edge, Vegan Life and ROC Metaphysical.

For over five years I have hosted my syndicated radio show Beyond Poetry. I am former resident poet on That's Lancashire TV and at that time was also a regular guest on That's Manchester TV.

I have been a qualified Body Language Psychologist for twenty-five years.

If I could sum-up my journey to offer words of advice for others it would be this - Thoughts + Words = Reality - DEAN FRASER

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