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Over the last three plus decades I have worked as an artist; owned a publishing house; operated a wholesale business selling crystals, dowsing pendulums and books; spent time as an antique dealer and ran an events company. All the while during this time I also helped people. My passion is helping others to unlock their own potential to live a life of their choice.

Initially I went part-time out on the road giving free talks to anyone who wanted to listen. These would be based around freeing others from stress dominating their lives and ways to become 100% Naturally Stress Free (I would later write a pocketbook of the same name).

Poetry entered my life in a more significant way around ten years ago. Starting off as part of bohemian underground collection The 4 Poets, I soon found the format restrictive and so had my Beatles moment as I left to go solo. I never looked back. Happily I also got invited to host an arts radio show on a local community radio station. Five years later Beyond Poetry has grown into a syndicated radio show heard by over ten million listeners each year.

I get asked of it Is possible to follow our dreams. Not only is it possible this is precisely what we should all be doing by making them goals!

The road to success is rarely straight. Curve-balls will be encountered. These are how we can be sure we are doing something right to change our destiny. After all if everything went smoothly every single day we would never learn anything of value and frankly what a boring way to live!

I am a full-time writer, public speaker and poet these days. If I could sum-up my journey to offer words of advice for others it would be this - Thoughts + Words = Reality.

Peace and Love

Dean Fraser

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Actively good health and holistic living are easier than you might imagine and with often the smallest changes in lifestyle and daily habits they can be yours. Happiness is our birthright and I clearly lay out how to attain this elusive dream once and for all, to live happy regardless of whatever challenges we may encounter. Love is the most powerful force for healing, wellbeing and living authentically, these books offer the recipe to self-love and for self-acceptance.


I write authentically, I need to feel the poems deep inside and then I simply get out of my own way to allow the words to come through me from my higher-self or source. I cannot claim personal credit for any of my travel or more esoteric poetry collections, I often look at the poems with wonder and total gratitude they found their way into print.


I am possibly best known as a writer for my series of books Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing. I believe dowsing is one of the best possible ways for nurturing a personal connection to and developing trust in our intuition or inner knowing. There are four books in the series; they are used by some dowsing teachers as text books for their students. Dowsing is the first subject I wrote about and remains a passionate area of interest to me.

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Dean hosts Beyond Poetry Radio Show and was for a while resident poet on That's Lancashire TV.

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